• Pigini Preludio P 30 Cherrywood Piano Accordion

Pigini Preludio P 30 Cherrywood Piano Accordion

A Light and compact piano accordion from Pigini, this is an all-round quality instrument that is both beautiful to the eye and wonderful to play, a responsive fast keyboard, highly responsive quality Italian reeds, and an incredibly sweet tone.

It is a 2 voice with 3 couplers or registers allowing changes from single to double reed, with a 30 note right hand keyboard, the range is from a G below middle C to C 2 octaves higher. 3 registers lets you choose the tone colour you wish. The keyboard is rightly renowned for its lightness of touch and responsive feel.

The left hand is a full 72 bass, 4 voice, which is balanced well against the right hand.

Presents in an amazing Cherrywood Finish

Complete in a hard case or thick padded Rucksack, the choice is yours with padded shoulder straps.

You can try before you buy as this model is in our Squeezebox Marketplace showroom room in Boroughbridge North Yorkshire or by appointment in our Glasgow centre

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Pigini Preludio P 30 Cherrywood Piano Accordion

  • Brand: Pigini
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